How do I keep my silver jewellery clean ?

We recommend the use of a 'silver cloth' where the material is impregnated with silver polish. These are ideal for simpler pieces of jewellery. If you have a more ornate piece ,with no stones, you could use a silver dip -  follow the instructions on the pot. Do not use a dip if your jewellery has any stones in it. In this case a soft tooth brush and soapy water may do the trick. Major supermarkets sell both the cloth and the dip.

Can I bathe in my jewellery?

We strongly suggest that you remove all stone jewellery before you have a bath or shower. Certain stones are set using a strong jeweller's solvent and continual immersion in water will dissolve this and the stones will be dislodged. It is also recommended that you remove your jewellery at bedtime. Silver is a fairly soft metal and can be damaged or bent if not treated with respect.

What if I need a longer chain ?

Most of our pendants are on a standard 41 cm (16 inch) chain. If you need a longer 46 cm (18 inch) chain, for a small extra charge,  you will find a link to follow within the Full Description of the item. If a longer chain is not available the link will not be visible.

Is your jewellery sterling silver?

All of the jewellery we describe as silver is sterling silver - 92.5% pure silver, the purest silver used for jewellery.