How do I keep my silver jewellery clean ?

We recommend the use of a 'silver cloth' where the material is impregnated with silver polish. These are ideal for simpler pieces of jewellery. If you have a more ornate piece ,with no stones, you could use a silver dip -  follow the instructions on the pot. Do not use a dip if your jewellery has any stones in it. In this case a soft tooth brush and soapy water may do the trick. Major supermarkets sell both the cloth and the dip.

Can I bathe in my jewellery?

We strongly suggest that you remove all stone jewellery before you have a bath or shower. Certain stones are set using a strong jeweller's solvent and continual immersion in water will dissolve this and the stones will be dislodged. It is also recommended that you remove your jewellery at bedtime. Silver is a fairly soft metal and can be damaged or bent if not treated with respect.

What if I need a longer chain ?

All our pendants are on a standard 16' chain. If you need a longer length find the 'Need a Longer Chain ' picture at the very end of the jewellery collection. If you click on this it will order an 18 inch chain instead of the standard 16 inch at an extra cost of £2.