Our top 7 gift ideas for the man in your life.

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for the man in your life is not so easy. If you are struggling, here are a few items that we have found popular.
Cufflinks are always successful, either for a special occasion or for everyday wear. We have a good selection, in the shop or on line, ranging from solid silver, enamelled and vintage to more quirky, such as the 'Victorian Tease' collection. Prices start at £16.95.
These beautifully detailed models of real buildings, made from British gypsum with hand finished detailing, make a fab gift. They are great standing alone or as a little group like this. From £80.
Jewellery for men is never easy. This quality braided leather bracelet fits the bill perfectly. £43.95. 
Trust Me.......mugs. With have many more professions available, all priced at £12.95.
We have stunning models of planes and cars, even The Titanic. A little more expensive, but worth it.
Bronze and ceramic sculptures have proved to be very popular. We have many depicting wildlife and favourite pets. 'Bonsai' bronzes start at £12.95, larger ones are between £35 to £2500.

And finally, how about one of these stylish framed and signed limited edition photographs by Michael Ferguson. We are currently hosting and exhibition of his work. Prices start at £98.
And if none of those work for you, there is always  a witty Simon Drew tea towel !