My Top Ten Gift Ideas of The Moment.

It IS my birthday coming up in May, but these ideas aren't just for me ! Just an eclectic mix of lovely ideas to buy for your favourite people - if I am one of them I won't complain !!

Number one has to be this cute little bronze puffin by Michael Simpson. I just love him.....

In second place is one of these pretty flower vases by Virginia Graham created in her studio at the bottom of her garden in Wiltshire.

Next, some jewellery. I love this range of bracelets, designed especially for us and made using semi precious stones and silver beads.

Number four and five on the list are earrings - these elegant drop earrings featuring an amethyst bead, and silver hares with gold detail by Linda Macdonald.


Followed closely by any of these wooden birds - a penguin or a duck in wellies...

Talking about penguins, I think number seven has to be this little bronze group, also by Michael Simpson.

Number eight on my list is this stylish set of coasters by Gillian Arnold. Perfect for under a glass of prosecco !

We are reaching the end....the penultimate on my list would be one of these quirky ceramic money boxes by Hannah Turner to save some new pound coins in.

And finally.......

What can I say ? I just love this fluffy mammoth by Jelly Cats.  He's called Winston !

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