Fabulous Gift Ideas for Family and Friends - for now and Christmas....

Half term is over, it's getting colder and I know thoughts will be turning to the festive season. Get a head start, at least in your mind ! If you are stuck for ideas for presents for your nearest and dearest, we have a few suggestions...

Our mothers deserve a treat - what could be better than a photo of you in either a frame or a locket


Or a lovely scarf to brighten up an outfit.


Fathers are always difficult to buy for aren't they ? How about a model Spitfire and some RAF cufflinks ?



For your wife, girlfriend, female partner, it has to be a beautiful piece of jewellery. We have hundreds of items to choose from, but these are two of my favourites. An enchanting silver charm bracelet by Linda Macdonald and a gorgeous enamel and silver pendant.



Boyfriends, husband, male partner - well, not always easy are they ?

How about an unusual, beautifully crafted architectural model.

Or a fabulous model car ?


Sisters and daughters are easier. We have lots of earrings, pendants, bracelets, mini bronzes, little objects, handbag mirrors and more to suit all budgets. How about a stylish pair of gloves ...or a wooden duck?



I know my brother would love one of these leather bracelets, or some fun cufflinks.


And for sons, can I suggest a 'Trust Me' Mug (also suitable for daughters!)


or a stylish bracelet


We can also help with friends and 'secret santa' presents with lots of choice under £15.


Check out the website www.smithsonia.co.uk  where we also offer a free Click and Collect service,  or visit us in the shop. We are always pleased to see you and give what help we can.