Christmas Kisses That Say It All

I would like to share a little story with you, a little story that captures the best of Christmas.

I was told this story one very busy Saturday afternoon in December when our shop was still open. One of those Saturday afternoons when we barely had time to take a breath, sip a coffee or eat a mince pie! The shop was so full we could hardly get out from behind the counters to open cabinets for customers. But there was always time for a little chat whilst serving.

I was helping a family look for the perfect pair of earrings for a present and we started talking about little gifts from past Christmases. The mum then told me this little tale...

The previous year her son had proudly handed her a box, a box obviously wrapped by a child. She carefully unwrapped it and took the lid off. It was empty. She looked at her son and asked him why he had given her an empty box.

But "mummy"  he said, "it's not empty. I spent all day filling it with kisses"

Merry Christmas everyone.