Amethyst - The Birthstone For February.

Have you ever wondered how our birthstones were decided upon?

We are regularly asked what birthstone relates to each month when people are buying birthday gifts. But I did wonder one day where it all started. So I did a bit of research.
It is believed that birthstones can be traced back to the bible. A special breast plate was created for Aaron containing 12 precious gemstones, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. These 12 stones then became linked to the signs of the zodiac ( not sure how that leap was made! ) and then to the 12 months of the year ( a more obvious leap!)
Throughout history, there have been many myths and legends associated with birthstones.  Not all cultures have agreed on which stones correspond to which months, though, so you can find different lists of birthstones over the course of time.
Today, most  of us agree on a basic set of birthstones, although there are still a few different options!


Like horoscopes, most people with know their own birthstone.

The birthstone for February is the gorgeous Amethyst, a quartz, varying in colour from deep purple to a lighter lilac.

Amethyst has some interesting powers. My favourite, and a good reason for wearing a good sized stone like the pendant above, is that it was believed by the Ancient Greeks to protect the wearer from drunkeness ! Useful....


Interesting fact number two - amethyst enables the wearer to keep a balanced mindset, strengthens relationships and gives courage. Apparently it can even help with weight loss. It is quite a stone, isn't it? Why wasn't I born in February?


At one time only royalty could wear the gemstone, luckily we can now all enjoy it .


In spiritual terms, amethyst is a powerful stone in cleansing us of negative influences and attachments and it is believed it can cure insomnia and relieve pain.  


This lovely little trinket box on your desk or by your bed can provide all of this.

You just have to believe!

Of course we can all wear amethyst, and after reading all this I think we should !