Brutal Birmingham.....

Can we introduce you to more wonderful items made in our marvellous city. A celebration of some of the Brutalist Architecture that forms part of Birmingham city centre, although some of it is being demolished as I write this.
The Rep Theatre.
Two Birmingham architects, based in Digbeth,  setting out on new careers following redundancies, are creating stunning 3 dimensional artworks of local buildings.
         Centre City Tower and 103 Colmore Row.
Only 30 of each have been made using different types and shades of wood. The wood is cut by state of the art laser cutting equipment and the pieces are then laid up by hand, mounted and framed. The result is a cross between an architectural model, an architectural plan and a framed piece of art.
New Street Signal Box.
They are magnificent - my husband doesn't know it yet, but he is having one of these for his Birthday !
Prices range from £50 to £100. Do come and have a look at them...