Archibald Design Pewter - Made in Birmingham.

It is really rewarding to be able to stock quality products that have been crafted in our own city. 
A.E Williams have been producing Pewter items in Birmingham since 1779. Present family members are members of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers. The company generally make traditional pewter ware  but have recently created items for some of our favourite films and TV programmes such as Harry Potter, Poldark, Sherlock Holmes and Game of Thrones. How exciting !
But they supply us with beautiful Archibald Knox design pewter.
Archibald Knox (1864 - 1933 ) is best known as being the primary designer for Liberty's of London when they were at their most successful and influential, during the Art Nouveau Period. So much so that in Italy this period is known as Stile Liberty !
We have a collection of mantel clocks, mostly finished with enamel detailing, some have semi precious stones or pieces of shell to add to the beauty.
They really are a quality item, perfect for sitting on a stylish fireplace, desk or bookcase. And, very importantly, they are made in Birmingham.