June - the Birmingham Metro, sunshine and Father's Day.

The summer is finally here, blue skies, sunshine, Father's Day in 2 weeks, and the tram is finally running through the streets of Birmingham. We are celebrating all of these events here at Smithsonia..

After many months of drilling, banging, dust, barricades and disruption on the road at the bottom of our arcade we are so pleased to welcome the new extension of the Midlands Metro, which can deliver you to a few metres from the bottom of Piccadilly Arcade, as well as to Grand Central. Now we can enjoy the gentle rumble of the tram and the ringing of its bell as it trundles past. If you plan on a little trip to try it out do come and pay us a visit.

June 19th is Father's Day this year. Don't forget your dear old Pa! We have a lovely selection of cards.

And some great gift ideas.


And as for the sunshine and blue skies, well, just enjoy!