Paul Jenkins Animal Figures...

We have just had a delivery of Paul Jenkins' fabulous bronze and Raku ceramic artworks. Paul was born in the West Midlands and studied at Dudley College of Art. Those of you that watched the BBC's Great Pottery Throw Down will remember how difficult they found it to produce Raku pottery pieces. Paul has mastered it to perfection...
His work manages to capture the individual characters of each animal
ranging from little penguins standing approximately 14cm tall to a sitting Hound dog, at 33cm. He also makes frogs, mice, cats, badgers, otters, pigs and many hares.
For many years Paul has also worked in bronze creating outstanding sculptures, some huge pieces for large houses or night clubs and many smaller ones that we can all fit into our homes.
   His latest pieces are these lovely cats.
And one of the lovely things about Paul is he has kept his wonderful Black Country accent !