'Three Kittens' Bronze by Michael Simpson

This adorable set of a family of three kittens has been sculpted by artist Michael Simpson. Each of the kittens is in a different, typically kittenish, pose.

Michael studied in Staffordshire and was inspired by the traditions of Stoke on Trent. As a result of this he works in clay for his initial modelling, unlike most bronze artists who use wax.

The kittens are made from solid foundry bronze, with a hand finished patina. 

They are a limited edition collection - one of 250 - the number is on the tummy of one of the kittens.

They vary in size slightly, but are approximately 4cm long and 3cm tall.

Each piece comes beautifully boxed with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate also includes information about the artist and the edition number . 



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