'The Chase' Bronze Otters by Michael Simpson

This special sculpture of otters swimming together has been modelled by artist Michael Simpson. Imagine sitting at the water's edge on a summers day, catching the splash as they enter the water - all you see is the tip of their tails, but this is what is happening under water! 

Michael studied in Staffordshire and was inspired by the traditions of Stoke on Trent. As a result of this he works in clay for his initial modelling, unlike most bronze artists who use wax.

The sculpture is made from solid foundry bronze, with a hand finished patina.

It is a limited edition sculpture - one of 75 - the number is marked on one o the reeds.

The whole piece stands 20.5cm tall and 16cm wide.  It weighs 900g.

Each piece comes beautifully boxed with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate also includes information about the artist and the edition number . 


Sold Out

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